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Everybody was kung fu watching…

English: Jet Li at Fearless Premiere taken myself

English: Jet Li at Fearless Premiere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I’ve been binge watching a bunch of old and new Kung fu movies, mostly with Jet Li in them at the moment. Last night I experienced the worst one I’ve seen, and not in a, omg that’s so bad is good kind of way! The movie was “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate“. I had never heard of this movie with Jet Li in it, came out in 2012 . I can tell that they did have some money to throw at it, but they either put it in the wrong places or they just got a really shitty effects production house to handle it. The story had some entertaining ideas, but I feel that it could’ve been executed better. I wasn’t able to attach myself or relate to any of the characters, and the fight scenes… oh lord, that is the main reason I watch Kung fu movies, for the exciting fights, but “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” rather than excite me, made me cringe. They tried doing “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” type of fights, but the effects were so bad that they took away from it. I even would’ve preffered the typical “I can see the wires all over the place” technique that these movies are usually plagued with! Overall it wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it would be, save some scenes without fighting that actually had good acting and good lines in it.

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