The world of Ingress


A player’s personal set-up for playing Ingress credit: Ingress +Google community

Ingress, a world hidden in our world. A “game” that comes from Google, but is it really only a “game”? I love this game, the story is well written and thought out. Every week we have another piece of the story and the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. I’ve been crazy to get back to the world of Ingress, but haven’t been able since the accident. I’m hoping to get back into it in the coming weeks when I get my Lynx pass. It’s going to be good getting out of the damn house and moving around. I’m supposed to anyways, doc said I need to excercise if I want to lower my stupid cholesterol, bah! I know that “ingressing” will be good for me. I really only actively played for one day, and I inmediately ran into people of my faction and they were nice! One of the level 8’s helped me out and I was able to level up to level 2 that same day with his help. I was so excited 🙂 Hoping that in the coming weeks I can level as much as I can, because the play tactics are changing a lot, and it seems like it’s getting harder to level in the new world of Ingress.

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31, still trying to figure out life and what I'm supposed to do with it. Was raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and have been living in Florida for the past 2 years. When I'm not working, I'm playing. I love anime, video games and technology. Hope to be part of the Tech industry one day. I also love photography, good food, music and reading.

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  1. I managed to get to level three yesterday and this morning I went to a nearby town where there are a lot of portals from my faction. I just hacked away, added resonators and linked as much as possible and now i’m on 62,000. Tomorrow I should get past level four and will hopefully be able to start causing trouble for the high levelers who are hogging my town!

  2. Congratulations on getting to level 3! I am itching to get back to hacking portals. There’s a level 8 farm downtown of where I live, and it’s constantly changing factions. I’m crazy to get in on that action. I like how this game is almost like geocaching, but in a more social way.

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